Give your blades an edge that will stand up to the task! 


Competitive pricing. Ask us about volume savings and discounts for our service members!


We stand behind our work. That's why we gaurantee our edges for 1 week against dulling with standard use..
Diamond Edge Northwest

Knife and Edged Tool Sharpening Service

Dull Blades Just Don't Cut It.

Simply put, blades are meant to be sharp and we aim to keep them that way! Any edge that cuts, chops, slices or shears will eventually dull.
We have the skills and know-how to restore, repair and improve that cutting edge. Schedule a sharpening with us and see the difference a truly sharp edge can make!

Don't Replace It, Repair It!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it is, then give us a call. Don't let a little chip or broken tip keep your knives in the drawer. Diamond Edge NW uses water cooled grinding processes to reshape and repair broken blades while fully retaining the temper of the steel. 

More Than Just Kitchen Cutlery

When you think of using a professional sharpening service, kitchen cutlery probably comes to mind. How about pruners or garden shears? Axes? Bushcraft and sporting knives? Check out our pricing page for a list of common items we sharpen.

Diamond Edge NW also offers polishing services! We utilize minimally abrasive polishing methods to bring back the shine to those silver, brass or copper items that have lost their luster.


Focused on efficiency

We understand the importance of time. Our focus on efficiency means less time before your tools and cutlery are back in your hands.

Ask us about expedited service!

We'll meet you!

With pickup locations all over the greater Skagit County area and scheduled meet-up times, we make drop-offs quick and easy!

Mobile Operations

On-site services available for businesses

Contact us for information about on-site sharpening and local events! Our mobile sharpening station will allow your kitchen to run as usual while we touch up your knives!